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Burglar Alarms: DIY vs. professional installation

Posted by Robin Knox on Mar 4, 2019 5:16:04 PM

When buying a burglar alarm many homeowners instinctively choose a DIY installation because it's free. They overlook the benefits of a professionally installation and, sometimes, live to regret it. We've taken a thorough look at the pros and cons of installing it yourself vs hiring a professional.

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DIY vs monitored alarms – which is best?

Posted by Robin Knox and Paul Walton on Dec 10, 2018 3:38:44 PM

Life is full of choices – bus or train, going out or staying in, Eastenders or Coronation Street. Picking a home security alarm is no different: which should you go for – DIY or monitored?

There are many factors to consider and like most things, each has its pros and cons. After all, an option that works for one person may not necessarily work for the next.

So how do you pick which is right for you?

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Boundary Alarm - Smart Security for Every Home

We're launching a new smart home alarm system in 2019 - follow our progress here.

We'll be bringing you updates on the design process, insight into the challenges we're overcoming on a day to day basis and exclusive product previews in the run up to launching our revolutionary new smart burglar alarm system.

To find out more about Boundary, visit our main site here : boundary.co.uk

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