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Top 5 smart home trends to look out for in 2019

Posted by Paul Walton on Jan 11, 2019 4:41:53 PM

 We’ve officially waved goodbye to 2018, a momentous year not just for us at Boundary but for the smart home security market in general. Mobile phones have become magic wands for controlling domestic devices, more people than ever are securing their homes with wireless cameras, and many are answering life’s burning questions by shouting “Alexa!!!”

So with a new year now upon us it’s time to start thinking about what innovations and smart home security trends are going to dominate 2019. Here’s what we think we can expect to see over the next 12-months …

1. Smart home tech will go mainstream

Undoubtedly, 2019 will be smart home tech’s biggest year yet, with many astounding innovations already emerging at this year’s CES conference. One thing’s for certain, the popularity of Alexa and Google Assistant will continue to rise alongside smart home security. At Boundary, we’re creating a smart home security alarm that will integrate seamlessly with the major smart home devices so that you can control everything, from lights to heating to security, in one place.

2. Artificial Intelligence will boom

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) continuing to boom, it’s possible that 2019 will see a greater adoption of advanced features, such as facial recognition and contextual learning. Our smart alarm is a great example of this - we are currently in the throes of leveraging AI to create a smart home security camera that ‘learns as it watches’.

3. Lighting will integrate with Home Security

Rumour has it that Amazon-owned Ring - best known for its video doorbell - is introducing two new security lights in 2019. There’s not much to reveal just yet but we suspect this new technology will encourage a surge of brands to develop their own version of smart security lights to keep up.

4. Cyber security of devices will become watertight

With stories about hackers taking control of smart fridges it’s only natural for people to be wary over the technology. With this in mind, tech companies be will taking no chances by developing robust software that detects and responds to security threats in milliseconds. Boundary’s system is designed and tested against all modern day threats, from hacking to physically tampering with the hardware.

5. Everyone will experience ringing a video doorbell

With Ring’s hugely successful video doorbell and Nest’s popular Hello doorbell, you can expect the proliferation of video doorbells in 2019, with the next generation offering all kinds of fancy features, price points and connectivity.

So there we have it, our very round-up of what trends we can expect to see emerging in 2019. One thing’s for sure, watch this space!

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